DOMENICO BELLI (d.1627): L'Orfeo Dolente, GIULIO CACCINI (1551-1618): Tutto 'l di piango and Non ha'l ciel from Nuove musiche, 3 fragments from Il Rapimento de Cefalo, CRISTOFANO MALVEZZI (1547-1599): Sinfonia IV, CLAUDIO SARACINI (1586-1630): Io moro.

Catalogue Number: 04J016

Label: Alpha

Reference: 120

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: This release provides a snapshot of the beginnings of Florentine musical theatre, from the intoned declamation for Saracini and Caccini's Nuove musiche to Caccini's more progressive Rapimento - halfway between speech and singing - to the truly remarkable lament by Belli, full of unprepared dissonances, chromaticism and disjointed melody, which seem to mark this obscure figure as a leading member of Florence's musical avant-garde. Italian-English texts. Le Poème Harmonique; Vincent Dumestre.


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