GIOVANNI BATTISTA SAMMARTINI (1701-1775): Symphonies in C, JC 7, in D, JC 14, in F, JC 33, in A, JC 65, in F, JC 36, in C Minor, JC 9, in G, JC 39, in D, JC 15 and in F, JC 37.

Catalogue Number: 04J035

Label: Dynamic

Reference: CDS 460

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The true "father of the symphony" is finally getting his due as Dynamic announces here a complete symphony cycle encompassing every one of the published symphonies (under whatever their published title: "sonata", "Avertura", "Overtura", "Sinfonia"). The nine here (only two are on the Naxos disc of Sammartini symphonies) are all early works, presumably from the 1730s and 40s, with many Vivaldian features still present amidst much more forward-looking stylistic material. Orchestra da Camera Milano Classica; Roberto Gini.


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