NICOLAE BRETAN (1887-1968): The Forest, September with Roses, So Far Above!, Silence, Cuckoo, Why Don't You Return?, Lament of the Plow, Our House, Fair Maiden, Mors Magna, Come Under the Poplar, At the Grave of Laie, My Yearnings, Abandoned, The Reluctant Debt Payer, On the Hill of Feleac, At the Window on the Sea, And if Branches Beat Against the Window, Stars in the Sky, Toward the Star, Where Mateless Poplars Grow, And that Sweet Remorse, On the Same Lane, 'Tis Gone the Life of Venice, Excerpt from The Fourth Epistle.

Catalogue Number: 04J079

Label: Nimbus

Reference: NI 5810

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: As we said last month for 03J074: "Any lover of Romantic song who doesn't know Bretan's compositions needs to buy this disc. Bretan, setting poetry in his native language, seems to erase the generic difference between "art song" and "folk song" in these sometimes stanzaic, sometimes through-composed pieces which are full of beautiful melody and rich psychological awareness Romanian-English texts. Alexandru Agache (baritone), Martin Berkofsky (piano).


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