OTTO REINHOLD (1899-1965): Violin Sonata, JOHANNES PAUL THILMANN (1906-1973): Sonatines, Op. 50 & 82, 8 Duos, HANS BÖRNER (1927-2006): Kleines Ballet, Op. 24, Aphroditische Tänze, Op. 38.

Catalogue Number: 04J086

Label: Genuin

Reference: GEN 87107

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: This recital has a political program also - the means by which East German composers ignored the regimes demands for Socialist Realism while not getting involved in the equally dangerous music of the Western avant-garde. They wrote little, neo-classically scaled pieces like these, goes the argument. These are very tonal, attractive pieces which yet seem to keep much rather behind a veil - emotionally and intellectually. No dates are given except for Börner (who is also the violinist's father and whose two suites come from 1977 and 1987), which is unfortunate since what one might have written in 1948 could be rather different from what one could write in 1963! Annette Unger (violin), Rieko Yoshizumi (piano).


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