HANS ROTT (1858-1884): Symphony for String Orchestra in A Flat (Mainz State Theatre Philharmonic Orchestra; Enrico Delamboye), String Quartet in C Minor (Mainz String Quartet).

Catalogue Number: 04K003

Label: Acousence

Reference: CDO-CD 20205

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: He didn't live long enough to write much but there are still world premiere recordings to be had of Rott's early works, like here. He was probably 16 when he wrote his string symphony, which has only three completed movements and a few sketches of a fourth. There is no estimated date given for the full-length (31 minutes) five-movement quartet which contains both a scherzo and, anachronistically enough given the period, a minuet!. Detailed notes tells us what innovations and stylistic effects in each work would have startled audiences in the late 1870s. Needless to say, there is less Mahler or Bruckner in these works than in his now-four-times-recorded symphony (we have one on this label from this orchestra later on, in the chronological section of the catalogue), but this is a major release to those interested in what-might-have been composers who died too young.


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