MARCO UCCELLINI (1610-1680): Solo Violin: from Op. 4: Sonata seconda "La Luciminia contenta", Toccata V "La Laura rilucente", Aria seconda, Correnta decima, Aria terza, from Op. 7: Toccata, Corrente decima settima, Sonata undecima, Sonata prima, Aria decima, Corrente quinta, Corrente sesta, Sonata terza, Corrente vigesima, Violin and Continuo: Sonata undecima, Op. 7, Sonata duodecima, Op. 7, Sonata decima, Op. 4, Sonata prima, Terzo libro "La Poggia".

Catalogue Number: 04L023

Label: Christophorus

Reference: CHR 77315

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Some of this repertoire has been recorded before but some pieces, like the Toccata and the two Op. 7 correnti - which are notated as "for two violins the two parts to be played on one solo violin" - which mark the baroque equivalent of Paganinian virtuosic theatrics, make this new release worthy of consideration. Hélène Schmitt (violin), Markus Märkl (harpsichord, organ), Karl-Ernst Schröder (theorbo, guitar), Arno Jochem (violone, cello).


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