DIETRICH BECKER (1623-1679): Sonata and Suite in G, Suite in G, CHRISTIAN FLOR (1626-1697): Suites for Harpsichord in D Minor, C and G, Auf, höret meine Sinnen, ANON. (c.1700): 2 suites in E Minor.

Catalogue Number: 04L026

Label: Challenge Classics

Reference: CC72232

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Becker's "Sonata and Suite" and the two anonymous pieces are for two violins, two violas and continuo; the rest of the works are for harpsichord. Becker's were published in 1668 and the rest are first recordings from manuscript. The style is that of the early German period of adoption of French and Italian stylistic elements which Telemann and others were to bring to maturity. Musica Poetica; Jörn Boysen.


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