FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828): Das Mädchen aus der Fremde, D117, Laura am Klavier (first version), D388, Entzückung an Laura (second version), D577, Song Sketch, D1a, Zur Namensfeier des Herrn Andreas Sille, D83, Auf den Sieg der Deutschen, D81, Lebenstraum/Ich saß an einer Tempelhalle, D39, Lied eines Kindes, D596, Bei dem Grabe meines Vaters, D496, Der Knabe in der Wiege (second version), D579, Nur wer die Leibe kennt, D513a, Gruppe aus dem Tartatus (first version), D396, So laßt mich scheinen (first version), D469, Song sketch, D555, Das große Halleluja, D442, Evangelium Johannis, Cap. 6, 55-58, D607, Schlachtgesang, D443, Gesang der Geister über den Wassern (first version), D484.

Catalogue Number: 04L055

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.572322

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: "Rarities, Fragments and Alternative Versions" is the title of this last volume of Naxos' Schubert series and also the reason we offer it. Presumably this material is in the Hyperion Schubert Edition but it's not collected together as here. The two longest pieces are D1a, a sketch with melody but no text lasting almost 12 minutes and whose vocal part is played here on the cello, and Lebenstraum, almost ten minutes, and completed by Schubert researcher Peter Reinhard van Hoorickx (as also D577, 513a, 607 & 484). Texts and translations available on-line. Sibylla Rubens (soprano), Detlef Roth (baritone), Reto Kuppel, Peter Riem (violins - D83, D81), Daniel Grosgurin (cello - D1a, D81, D555), Uta Jungwirth (harp - D83), Ulrich Eisenlohr (piano).


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