CARL ORFF (1895-1982): Antigonae.

Catalogue Number: 04L090

Label: Profil

Reference: PH09066

Format: CD

Price: $33.98

Description: Dating from 1949, this setting of Friedrich Hölderlin's German translation of Sophocles marked the point at which Orff left his fairy-tale operas behind and began exploring tragedy. Dark, austere and difficult to apprehend even for native German speakers (so maybe the lack of libretto is not a real problem), Antigonae uses only nine double basses and half a dozen each of flutes/piccolos, oboes/cor anglais and trumpets with four harps, six pianos and an exotic percussion section requiring 10-15 performers. Extended ostinato patterns and use of Singstimme certainly create an atmosphere of dark, brooding antiquity. A previous CD release on Orfeo in 1995 brought us a 1951 Munich live recording with Irmgard Barth as Antigone; this Munich radio recording from 1958 is in stereo. 2 CDs. No libretto. Martha Mödl (soprano), Marianne Radev (mezzo), Carlos Alexander, William Dooley (baritones), Bavarian Radio Chorus and Symphony Orchestra; Wolfgang Sawallisch.


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