CARTER PANN (b.1972): Serenade for Winds, Concerto Logic for Piano and Winds, DANIEL KELLOGG (b.1976): A Tent for the Sun for String Quartet and Winds, Pyramus and Thisbe for Actor and Winds.

Catalogue Number: 04L104

Label: Klavier

Reference: K 11179

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Pann's music is unabashedly tonal and resolutely accessible in idiom, and his Serenade is an easy-going piece, full of melody and charm. Concerto Logic is inspired by various games of skill and chance, and is a more active and virtuosic work, though no less tonal or approachable. The first movement is a lively allegro, the second a meditative slow movement interrupted by an excited scherzetto and finally reaching a soaring conclusion; the third is a lively cadenza-scherzo with frantic ragtime associations. This acts as an introduction to the finale, an entertaining survey of the stresses, intricacies and triumphs of the game of chess, high-energy throughout, alternating high romanticism and big-band references. Kellogg's A Tent is an evocative piece of nature-music inspired by the magnificent scenery of the Colorado Rockies. Employing a string quartet as an unusual composite 'soloist' to narrate proceedings, the work builds in waves of texture like the changing light over the landscape, powerful and uplifting in a rich tonal idiom. Pyramus is a theatrical farce in music, taken from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's dream, highly entertaining and gleefully and affectionately lampooning the overwrought conventions of theater music. Carter Pann (piano), Tak√°cs String Quartet, Patrick Mason (actor), University of Colorado Wind Symphony; Allan McMurray.


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