GEORG FRIEDRICH HAAS (b.1953): Wer, wenn ich schriee, hörte mich... for Percussion and Ensemble, ...aus frier Lust... verbunden ... for Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet and Percussion, ...und... for Chamber Ensemble and Electronics.

Catalogue Number: 04L110

Label: Neos

Reference: 10919

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: An unstable, shifting landscape of microtones is the essential feature of Haas' music; the attractively evocative idea of a hidden world in the cracks between the paving-stones - in musical terms, the cracks between the semitones - is central to his thinking. So, in 'Who, if I cried out, would hear me ...', blocks, sheets and waves of texture from different parts of the ensemble collide and interact, all in constant microintervallic motion to erode any sense of conventional harmonic stability. Whether this really constitutes a whole new musical vocabulary entire of itself is open to debate, but in the context of this 25-minute piece it certainly conjures a remarkably effective and disorienting alien landscape. ' ... from free desire ... connected ... ' consists of four parts chosen from ten composed for different instruments which may be performed in any combination, and independently. Points of contact occur and are abandoned, and the piece's subtle, tranquil conversation proceeds according to its own internal logic. '... and ... ' explores the interplay of acoustic and electronic sounds, often in the form of timbral exchanges between the two within one chord or sonorous cluster. Martin Lorenz (percussion), Collegium Novum Zürich; Enno Poppe. SACD hybrid.


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