BART SPAAN (b.1963): Kringen (Ralph van Raat [piano]), Zone (The Barton Workshop), Clockwork (Bart Spaan [electronics]).

Catalogue Number: 04L113

Label: Etcetera

Reference: KTC 1393

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: 'Circles' takes its basic material from the opening of a Bach chorale, and elaborates it in increasingly sonorous and active textures, mostly consonant and meditative, evocative of the ripples on water generated by a cast stone, with intermittent eruptive interruptions. Zone is a soundscape of extended technique sounds from three bass members of their respective instrumental families (with some limited electronic manipulation), a slowly evolving tapestry of unearthly sonorities, with melodic fragments emerging like 'figures in a landscape' from members of the ensemble. Clockwork is a fugal structure assembled electronically from found sounds, a ticking clock and a piano chord, subjected to various transformations into distinct timbres that are treated as voices in the fugue.


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