HARL MCDONALD (1899-1955): Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra, DANA SUESSE (1900-1987): Concerto in E Minor for 2 Pianos and Orchestra, RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS (1872-1958): Concerto in C for 2 Pianos and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 04M005

Label: Dorian

Reference: DSL-92129

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: Taiwanese pianists, a Turkish orchestra and a French conductor provide us with the world premiere recording of Suesse's 1943 concerto. A compact four-movement work which comes in under 21 minutes, this is not a "jazz concerto" like the one we offered a couple of months ago; some of the first movement sounds like one of those concertos embedded in 1940s dramatic films but generally, this is neo-romantic music with multiple sources (maybe a hint of Rachmaninov in the slow movement) and which doesn't remotely shriek "American!". McDonald's 1937 concerto, roughly the same length, has its first modern recording and it's a hyper-romantic piece in its first two movements while veering into a Mexican finale (a Juarezca - a dance from northern Mexico). Long Duo (pianos), Eskisehir Greater Municipality Symphony Orchestra; Patrick Souillot


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