JOHANN FRIEDRICH MEISTER (c.1638-1697): Trio Sonatas No. 2 in D Minor, No. 4 in E Minor, No. 5 in C, No. 6 in A Minor, No. 10 in C Minor and No. 11 in D.

Catalogue Number: 04M016

Label: Berlin Classics

Reference: 0016742BC

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This surprising release was recorded back in 2004 and reposed in Cologne Radio's archives since then. Reinhard Goebel's notes both disparage the recording of unusual repertoire and defend his own recording of Meister on the grounds, I suppose, that, unlike everyone else, he knows what's good and what's worth recording. Here are half of Meister's 12 sonatas published under the title Il giardino del piacere in 1695. Quite unlike most of what was being written at the time, synthesizing styles of such varied composers as Lully, Corelli, Reincken, Buxtehude and Rosenmüller. They are the first German violin trio sonatas since the latter's, of 1645. Musica Antiqua Köln.


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