LAURO ROSSI (1812-1885): Cleopatra.

Catalogue Number: 04M044

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.660291-92

Format: CD

Price: $35.98

Description: The CD version of a DVD release from last September (for those of you who'd rather listen to than see your operas). The 2008 Macerata Festival rescued one of its own from oblivion with this performance of their native son's 1876 tragedia lyrica (Rossi's next-to-last of 62 stage works). Like many other composers who were successful in the post-Rossinian comic opera genre, Rossi was eclipsed by Verdi but he was smart enough to capitalize on the public interest in things Egyptian created by the latter with his 1871 Aïda. It has enough attractive arias and set pieces to keep one's attention. 2 CDs. Libretto available on-line. Dimitra Theodossiou (soprano), Alessandro Liberatore (tenor), Paolo Pecchioli (bass), Sebastian Catana (baritone), Coro Lirico Marchigiano "V. Bellini", Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana; David Crescenzi.


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