Keyboard Manuscript of Antoine Selosse (1621-1687) Variations on "La Folia" in D Minor, Cicaccona in C, The King's Hunt in G (John Bull [1562/63-1628]), Toccata in G Minor, Suites in C, F, G, D, D & G, Chaconne in C, Courante and Variation in G Minor, Toccata in C, The Hunting Lesson in G, Fuga in D, Toccata in C, Bergamasca in G, Chaconne in F, Allemande in F, Allemandes and Variations in G Minor & in F, "fitt for the manicorde" - Allemandes in C Minor.

Catalogue Number: 04N024

Label: Deux Elles

Reference: DXL 1143

Format: CD

Price: $35.98

Description: This manuscript, found at a second-hand bookstall in London in 2004 was copied for and owned by the Jesuit in the title above. Some of its works, particularly a few with litugical overtones, may be by him since he was a professor of vocal music at the College of Saint Omers. Except for the popular Bull piece, the rest of it is anonymous and of great interest for collectors of 17th century English keyboard music. Roughly half is performed on harpsichord (two pieces on clavichord) and half on one of oldest surviving English church organs, recently restored to its original specification. 2 CDs. Terence Charlston (harpsichord, clavichord, organ of St. Botolph's Aldgate, London).


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