JUSTUS HERMANN WETZEL (1879-1973): Liederkreis, Op. 3, An den Mond, Op. 14/10, Da unten im Tale, Op. 2/8, Der Student, Op. 13/6, Der Kehraus, Op. 13/18, Lampions in der Sommernacht, Blauer Schmetterling, Pfeifen, Flötenspiel, Bekenntnis, Inspiration, Zunachten, Nachklang, Märzabend, Sommerabend, Agnes, Verborgenheit, Lebewohl, Frage und Antwort, Gebet, Ein Stündlein wohl ver Tag, Der verlassene Mägdelein, In der Frühe, Woher sind wir geboren, Wonner der Wehmut, Erster Verlust, Zum Abschied meiner Tochter, Der Reisebecher, An meine Mutter, Totalität - Kläffer.

Catalogue Number: 04N063

Label: Genuin

Reference: GEN 12223

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Wetzel was yet another of the many conservative German composers who were suppressed by the Nazis (he had a Jewish wife whom he refused to divorce and who was imprisoned and released in the famous "Rosenstrasse protest" in 1943 - one of the Hesse songs here, a black as night anguished meditation, comes from those days) and who were fish out of water in the avant-garde-dominated period after the war. In 1968 a German musicologist summed Wetzel up as "perhaps the last significant representative of the traditional art-song based on Classical and Romantic forms". That should be all you need to know about this wonderful disc of first recordings. German-English texts. Olivia Vermeulen (mezzo), Peter Schöne (baritone), Liana Vlad, Eduard Stan (piano).


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