R. NATHANIEL DETT (1882-1943): Cinnamon Grove for Piano, SAMUEL COLERIDGE-TAYLOR (1875-1912): Deep River, Op. 59/10 (transcr. Maud Powell [1867-1920]), HOWARD SWANSON (1907-1978): Nocturne, HALE SMITH (1925-2009): Epicedial Variations, DAVID BAKER (b.1931): Ethnic Variations on a Theme of Paganini, ELLIS L. MARSALIS JR. (b.1934): The Fourth Autumn for Piano.

Catalogue Number: 04N065

Label: MSR Classics

Reference: MS 1372

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

No Longer Available

Description: Dett's 15-minute suite, three of its pieces inspired by poetry and the fourth a negro folk song, is the longest work here and anchors a program of African-American composers' works for violin and piano. All are quite tonal and approachable, Swanson and Smith in a "secular" style and Baker and Marsalis (the father of Wynton and Branford) partaking of jazz and, in Baker's imaginative take on Paganini's famous caprice, a variety of African related music from Bebop and Swing to Calypso, Funk and Rhythm and Blues. Merwin Siu (violin), Phoenix Park-Kim (piano).


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