MARIJN SIMONS (b.1982): The Legend of Kwahkaazuh, Five, Bas Continues.

Catalogue Number: 04N096

Label: Quintone

Reference: Q 10004

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: This is a lot of fun. The titles of the pieces are punning word-plays, and the same spirit imbues the lively pieces with a clever sense of humor. Legend consists of six movements, frequently jazz-tinged, with a most appealing, urgently communicative quality, a determination to entertain and please the audience and send everybody home with a smile on their faces. Cunning allusions to other music and styles (including a priceless accompanied excerpt from Bach's D minor Chaconne in the first movement) and a certain mock-seriousness place this music in an updated category that might also include the Musical Joke and Carnival of the Animals - less laugh-out-loud absurd than Igudesman and Joo, the Hoffnung Concerts et al - and with a concert legitimacy, so to speak, aside from the humorous aspect of the pieces. Five is 'ambient music', arranged for concert performance from original material assembled from sampled and synthesized sounds. In this form at least, it possesses a somber, haunting quality. Bas combines elements of baroque pastiche with a jazzy swing, and quotes Bach for good measure. Simons Ensemble; Marijn Simons.


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