GIACOMO CARISSIMI (1605-1674): Oratorios: Jonas, Jephtha, Job, The Flood, Cain, The Last Judgement, Balthazar, Judicium Salomonis, Abraham and Isaac, David and Jonathan, Oratorio della Santissima Vergine, Oratorio di Daniele profeta, Felicitas beatorum, Lamenatio damnatorum, Dives malus, Vanitas vanitatum I and II, Vir frugi et pater familias, Dicite nobis, Lucifer, Sub umbra noctis, Anima et Angelus, Sponsa canticorum, Tolle sponsa, Domine quis habitabit, Ezechias, The Pilgrims of Emmaus, Quo tam laetus, Audite sancti, Salve Jesu, Quis est hic, Suscitavit Dominus, Qui non renuntiat, Cum reverteretur David.

Catalogue Number: 04O013

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 94491

Format: CD

Price: $44.98

Description: Carissimi was essentially responsible for the creation of the genre of the oratorio, taking an historia, or biblical episode, from the Old Testament, and using a range of expressive procedures, transform the narrative into the form of a spiritual play -- a sacred epic in which recitative, ariosos, arias and choruses follow each other without interruption. There's been quite a bit of Carissimi appearing recently on disc but nothing like this! 9 CDs. Texts and extensive liner notes available on-line. Ensemble Seicentonovecento; Flavio Colusso. Original 1996 Musicaimmagine releases.


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