HEATHER SCHMIDT (b.1975): Icicles of Fire, Fantasy, Synchronicity.

Catalogue Number: 04O082

Label: Centrediscs

Reference: CMCCD 18813

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: We offer this because of the previous Schmidt disc from this source - her second piano concerto (12N069) which opened our eyes to a fervently communicative composer grounded in mid-20th century Romanticism. Add a touch of dissonant expressionism to that stream and you have Icicles of Fire (2003); the Fantasy (2006) is dark and urgent with vivid emotional swings and the nine-minute Synchronicity has its source in music for a documentary. See the extremely minimal notes as an invitation to just settle back and enjoy the ride. At 42 minutes it's a short disc but it has a high fiber content! Shauna Rolston (cello), Heather Schmidt (piano).


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