MICHAL DOBRZYNSKI (b.1980): Magnus Dominus for Mixed Choir and Orchestra, Illuminations - Concerto-notturno for Piano and String Orchestra (Michal Dobrzynski [piano]), De profundis for Mixed Choir, Alto Solo and String Orchestra (Natalia Lukaszewicz [alto]), Elegy No. 4 "Multifonia" for String Orchestra, Continuum for 2 Pianos and 2 Percussion Sets (Mariusz Klimsiak, Bartlomiej Wezner [pianos], Mateusz Krawczyk, Jan Wezner [percussion]), Elegy No. 1 for Solo Violin (Bartlomiej Niziol [violin]).

Catalogue Number: 04O083

Label: Dux

Reference: 0572

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Dobrzyński has a readily accessible and appealing style, with large stretches of music firmly based in tonality. These sections are frequently imbued with a restless energy through ostinato figuration and quasi-minimalistic repetition of small cells and gestures. In the Concerto-notturno the alternation of motoric drive and static, cluster-based, harmonically indeterminate passages brings to mind Panufnik's similar work. The other instrumental works also explore the opposition between sonorist, textural material and urgent, rhythmic music, which can be either mechanically driven or joyously dancelike. The sacred works are very tonal, with modal inflections hinting at older polyphonies, and both dramatically underline the elements of conflict inherent in the texts with pulsating repetition of short motifs which resolve into calm choral textures of great beauty. The varied moods of Magnus Dominus give free rein to all the composer's trademark gestures, from vigorously rhythmic confrontation or exultation to solemnly uplifting ascending motifs in the choral parts. Silesian Philharmonic Choir, Silesian Chamber Orchestra, Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra; Przemyslaw Fiugajski.


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