GIOVANNI ALBINI (b.1982): Una teoria della prossimit√† for String Orchestra (Davide Alogna [violin], Duo Bonfanti, Le Cameriste Ambrosiane; Dario Garegnani), Corali #27 e #41 for Violin, Guitar Duo and String Orchestra, String Quartets No. 5, No. 6 "Solo per grado congiunto" and No. 7 "Corale" (Quartetto Indaco), Estatica for Guitar (Giorgio Mirto), Corale #4 for Solo Cello (Fabio Mureddu).

Catalogue Number: 04O084

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 9294

Format: CD

Price: $7.98

Description: Except for the two-movement Corali #27 e #41, which lasts just over 13 minutes, these are miniatures which last from 1:41 to just under ten minutes. The very short liner note tells basically tells us that Albini uses everything in the history of music and does all sorts of involved compositional stuff to it in order to allow his music to "reveal unexpected expressive potentialities"; cycles of triads seem to dominate his series of Corali. What I hear is a bit of Ligeti and early Penderecki, some neo-Romanticism, some minimalism and sonorism, often all within seconds of each other in each mini-work. It's easy enough on the ear for collectors of new music to experiment with and the price is right.


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