IRVING FINE (1914-1962): Complete Orchestral Works - Symphony, Diversions, Toccata Concertante, Blue Towers, Serious Song - A Lament for String Orchestra, Notturno for Strings and Harp.

Catalogue Number: 04Q008

Label: Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Reference: BMOP/Sound 1041

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $20.98

No Longer Available

Description: A badly-needed release for an almost forgottten American composer. Fine's posthumous reputation was certainly hurt by the fact that he died, young and suddenly, of a heart attack less than two weeks after conducting an early performance of his 1962 symphony which The Boston Globe last year called "...a big, brawny masterpiece, one of the very best American symphonies." This tautly constructed, three-movement work of 21 minutes is urgently rhythmic, declamatory at times, polyphonic and makes a personal use of dodecaphony which still allows for tonal centers. The earlier pieces here exhibit Fine's first style, neo-classicism, in the 1947 Toccata and moves toward neo-romanticism in the 1951 Notturno and the dark and lovely Serious Song of 1955 while his good humor is on display in Blue Towers (1959), intended as a fight song for the college where he taught (Brandeis) which, unfortunately, dropped football the following season, and the brief Diversions, 1960 orchestrations of earlier piano pieces dedicated to his three daughers. Boston Modern Orchestra Project; Gil Rose.


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