MIKIS THEODORAKIS (b.1925): Canto General for Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone, Chorus and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 04Q071

Label: Gramola

Reference: 99025

Format: CD

Price: $26.98

Description: Leftists of a certain age (meaning old leftists) will get a blast of nostagia with this setting of an epic poem about the South American continent, its nature, its people, its historical destiny by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Theodorakis was to premiere the first seven parts of Canto General in Chile in September 1973. But on September 11 –- ironic date -- the military junta under Pinochet overthrew and assassinated Salvador Allende and, needless to say, the perfomance did not take place. This is music for revolutionaries to sing while storming the gates, vibrant, dramatic, and unabashedly inspiring and it ranks with Shostakovich's cantata, The Execution of Stenka Razin in its full-throated rabble-rousing. Of course it sounds terribly dated now but what the hell, one more time - "To the Barricades!!" 2 CDs. Spanish-German texts with English summaries. Julia Schilinski (mezzo), Sergio Cattaneo (baritone), 6 different Austrian Choruses, Orquesta de nuestra tierra; Leopold Griessler.


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