Forgotten (Mostly) American Romantic Works for String Orchestra

LUDWIG BONVIN (1850-1939): Christmas Night’s Dream, Op. 10, HENRY SCHOENEFELD (1857-1936): Scherzo from Characteristic Suite, Op. 15, CARL BUSCH (1862-1943): Omaha Indian Love Song and Chippewa Lullaby from 4 North American Legends, Elegie, Op. 30, CARL HILLMAN (1867-1955): Lullaby, Op. 21, EUGÈNE ARCADE DÉDÉ (1867-1919): Bees and Bumblebees, Op. 562, PAUL MIERSCH (1868-1956): Pleasant memories - Pizzicato Caprice, HORATIO PARKER (1863-1919): Scherzo, ARTHUR FOOTE (1853-1937): Air, Gavotte, FREDERICK SHEPHERD CONVERSE (1871-1940): Serenade.

Catalogue Number: 04R049

Label: New Focus Recordings

Reference: FCR166

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Odds are you won’t have heard of at least five or six of the nine composers listed above, all of whom either immigrated to the U.S. or worked and/or taught here for significant periods. Needless to say, their origins and studies are Germanic (Busch was a Dane) except for Dédé (whose father’s music got a disc to itself on Naxos back in 2000). The notes tell you much about each composer in a succinct manner and will leave you drooling over the amount of pieces for large orchestra many of them left behind. But here we have a string ensemble of ten players to tease us with some of their smaller-scale creations. Gowanus Arts Ensemble; Reuben Blundell.


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