ALEXANDER TANSMAN (1897-1986): Complete Music for Guitar - Ballade, Cavatina, Danza Pomposa, Hommage à Chopin, Suite in modo polonico, Inventions, Pièce en forme de Passacaille, 2 chansons populaires, Variations sur un thème de Scriabin, Prélude et Interlude, Pezzo in modo antico, Suite, Hommage à Lech Walesa, 5 Pièces Brèves, Mazurka, 4 tempi di Mazurka, Sonatine for 2 Guitars (w/Andrea Pace).

Catalogue Number: 04R058

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95221

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: As with so many other composers in the 20th century, Tansman’s inspiration in his guitar music was Segovia. This explains the appearance of Spanish melodies and rhythms but Tansman’s eclecticism still wins out with plenty of French neo-classicism and Polish-sourced material as well. As with many modern reccordings of Segovia-intended works, the guitarist here restores all the editorial fooling about Segovia did with them. 2 CDs. Cristiano Poli Cappelli (guitar).


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