RAGNAR SÖDERLIND (b.1945): Horns in Landscapes for 6 Horns and Orchestra (Bergen Philharmonic Horn Section, Edward Gardner [conductor]), OLAV BERG (b.1949): Viola Concerto (Ilze Klava [viola], Andrew Litton [conductor]), MARCUS PAUS (b.1979): Concerto for Timpani and Orchestra (Håkon Kartveit [timpani], Litton [conductor]), THERESE BIRKELUND ULVO (b.1982): Shadows and Shields for Clarinet and Orchestra (Christian Stene [clarinet], James MacMillan [conductor]).

Catalogue Number: 04R073

Label: LAWO Classics

Reference: LWC1089

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Berg's single-movement concerto was conceived in a dream, its atmosphere of soulful melancholy dictating that the solo instrument be the viola. Accordingly, much of the music has a dreamlike, un-anchored sense of freedom, both harmonic and rhythmic. Interjected orchestral tutti, far more tonally stable and rhythmically declamatory and insistent, loom like monoliths surrounded by the swirling wraiths and vapors of imagination and dream. Ulvo's clarinet concerto pits the soloist, playing melodic fragments and ornaments in mostly conventional technique against an amorphous chaos of subtle, sonorous orchestral texture. The two seem to reconcile for a brief, lively dance, after which they seem to be on less argumentative terms. Søderlind writes in a more straightforwardly tonal idiom. His piece, for the orchestra's six horns, explores horn calls, signals and the hunt in folklore, fairy-tale and legend. Three gorgeously neo-romantic movements place Brucknerian hunting-horns in an atmospheric Sibelian landscape (also featuring a guest appearance by Grieg's mountain trolls). Paus' idiom is also neo-romantic, his three-movement concerto a conventionally structured virtuoso vehicle, making original and dramatic use of its distinctive and assertive solo instrument. Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.


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