JOHANN SCHOP (1590-1667): Lachrime pavaen, Als Jupiter gedacht, Bebelman, Almande, Courante, Nasce la pena mia, [without title], MATTHIAS WECKMANN (1616-1663): 4 Variations on the Song “Die lieblichen Blicke”, THOMAS BALTZAR (1631-1663): Praeludium in C Minor, Allemande in G Minor, GEORG PHILIP TELEMANN (1681-1757): Sonata 1 in G Minor, TWV 41:g1, Sonata for Violin and Continuo in F, 41:F4, Sonata 3 for Violin and Continuo in E Minor 41:e2, Partita 4 in G Minor, 41:g2.

Catalogue Number: 04S013

Label: Genuin

Reference: GEN 17462

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The seven pieces by Schop come from an early German and Dutch book of dance music called 'T Uitnement Kabinet; what connects these and other early German pieces with the late works by Telemann is the composers’ association with the city of Hamburg. Gabriele Steinfeld (violin), Anke Dennert (harpsichord).


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