POLIBIO FUMAGALLI (1830-1900): Ascetica Musicale, Op. 235, Sonatas in D and B Flat, Capriccio alla sonata, Tempo di sonata - Breve fantasia, Emulazione, Ripieno, Scherzino, Marcia villereccia.

Catalogue Number: 04S037

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95468

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: As a composer, Fumagalli concentrated on music for his own instruments, with over 200 separate works or collections. Among the most extensive is the Ascetica Musicale: a summation of his style, referring not to any ascetic temperament – this music could hardly be further from it – but to a musical aesthetic, which in this case celebrated virtuoso figuration, jolly tunes and a taste for the spectacular. Even the more apparently traditional form of the sonata is clothed by Fumagalli in extravagant musical robes. This richly entertaining release fills out a still‐hazy picture of music in 19th century Italy, and will give pleasure to organ‐music enthusiasts and enthusiasts for light music of any genre. 2 CDs. Marco Ruggeri (organ of the parish church of S. Nicolò, Vaprio d’Adda).


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