MARCO ENRICO BOSSI (1861-1925): Complete Organ Works, Vol. 12 - Transcriptions of Works by Andrea Gabrieli [c.1533-1585], Girolamo Frescobaldi [1583-1643], Giovanni Battista Bassani [c.1650-1716], Carlo Francesco Pollaroli [c.1653-1723], J.S. Bach [1685-1750], George Friderick Handel [1685-1759], Nicolò Porpora [1686-1768], Domenico Zipoli [1688-1726], Giovanni Battista Pescetti [c.1704-1766], Giovanni Battista Martini [1706-1784], Giovanni Paisiello [1740-1816], Vincenzo Palafuti [18th cen.] and Camillo de Nardis [1857-1951].

Catalogue Number: 04S044

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 862790

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: Two hours of evidence of Bossi’s efforts toward the rediscovery of the old Italian music school, beacon to the European culture from the Renaissance onwards. In this sense, these "transcriptions of the old masters" revisited by Bossi and adapted to instruments of his time, mark the return to the study of the Italian school of music, making it an integral part and foundation of the modern school. 2 CDs. Andrea Macinanti (organ of Thiene Cathedral).


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