HENRI DUTILLEUX (1916-2013): Symphony No. 2 “Le Double”, Timbres, espace, mouvement, Mystère de l’instant.

Catalogue Number: 04S054

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573596

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: The interplay of stereophonic and polyrhythmic effects and jazzy brass writing in the symphony forms, in the composer's own words, 'a musical play of mirrors and of contrasting colours', while Timbres, espaces, mouvement is Dutilleux's response to van Gogh's“ Starry Night”, a 'longing for the infinity of nature'. The series of snapshots in Mystère de l'instant evokes fleeting and almost magical moments in time, its cumulative power indicative of a consummate composer at the height of his powers. Orchestre National de Lille; Darrell Ang.


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