HAROLD SCHIFFMAN (b.1928): Banjo Concerto (Ken Perlman [banjo]), Octet, MAX LIFCHITZ (b.1948): Night Voices No. 16 (Arthur Campbell [clarinet]), EDWARD GREEN (b.1951): Concerto for Clarinet and Strings, FEDERICO ERMIRIO (b.1950): Landscapes of a Soul (Campbell [clarinet], Rocco Parisi [bass clarinet]), ELIZABETH BELL (1928-2016): Concertino for Chamber Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 04S063

Label: North/South

Reference: N/S R 1064

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

No Longer Available

Description: A very attractive, listener-friendly compilation of compositions unified by the idea of integrating traditional elements with modern compositional practices. Schiffman's appealing little neo-classical concerto wittily exploits the Appalachian associations of his unusual solo instrument, while his genial octet is warmly neo-romantic with folk-song and -dance elements. Bell wrote her little Concertino for a school orchestra, and in mood and appeal it hits the mark. Unfortunately, it was too technically advanced for the young players, and was resurrected in this transcription for smaller forces by Max Lifchitz. Green's Concerto isRomantic and thoroughly tonal, in two movements; wistful and pastoral; and perkily high-spirited. Ermirio's piece is atmospheric and somewhat impressionistic in its use of instrumental color as it wanders around the basic material heard at the beginning. Lifchitz' work is a clarinet concerto; in fact much of it is a virtuosic and expressive clarinet solo, with every technical device alongside popular melody and ornamented soliloquizing, while the ensemble gradually joins the discussion. North/South Chamber Orchestra; Max Lifchitz.


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