VIRGILIO RANZATO (1883-1937): Music for Violin and Piano - Romanza senza parole, Op. 2/1, Dans Espagnole, Op. 12/1, Berceuse, Op. 12/3, Meditation, Op. 13, Galopade, Serenata, La canzona d’amore, La preghiera della sera, Il cuculo, Op. 36, Serenata triste, Serenata galante, Serenata Andalusa, Op. 41, Farfalla intorno al lume, Op. 42, Il tamburino arabo, Nell’ora dell’Ave Maria, Op. 44, Aubade, Capriccio ungherese, Serenata coquette, Arlecchinata, Danza di libellule.

Catalogue Number: 04T050

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 881801

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Composer, performer and conductor, Ranzato’s fame, like that of many others, had vanished by the end of the Second World War. Here a portion of his large catalogue of violin pieces is revived: serenades, prayers, dances, exotic atmospheres, intimate or carefree moments moving between instrumental virtuosity and the pathos of the crepuscular aura of the beginning of the new century. Paolo Mora (violin), Milo Martani (piano).


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