PAUL GRAENER (1872-1944): Cello Concerto, Op. 78, Violin Concerto, Op. 104, Flute Concerto, Op. 116.

Catalogue Number: 04U003

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 965-2

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This third volume brings us the 1927 cello concerto which, like some of the shorter pieces on the first two discs, shows a Gallic concision (three movements in only 16 minutes), transparency and hints of Impressionism while the 1937 violin concerto returns to Germanic Romanticism both in length (24 min.) and its denser orchestration. The flute concerto was written during a period of constant movement after leaving the danger of air bombardment in Berlin as well as health problems and was finished only in April of 1944, making its cheerful neoclassicism and life-affirming finale (employing a German folksong Freut euch des Lebens - “Enjoy Life”) rather amazing. Uladzimir Sinkevich (cello), Henry Raudales (violin), Christiane Dohn (flute), Munich Radio Orchestra; Ulf Schirmer.


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