GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL (1685-1759)/LEONARDO LEO (1694-1744): Rinaldo.

Catalogue Number: 04U015

Label: Dynamic

Reference: CDS7831.03

Format: CD

Price: $39.98

Description: First modern staging of the Neapolitan version of Handel's Rinaldo, a pastiche with a Mediterranean allure which Leonardo Leo assembled in 1718 and which was considered lost until a few years ago. The score of Handel’s masterpiece was illegally brought to Naples by the castrato singer Nicolò Grimaldi, who first interpreted Rinaldo in London. Once in Italy, the work was rehashed by Leo as well as other local composers, who adapted it to the taste of the local Neapolitan public, adding some intermezzos and amusing characters. Director Giorgio Sangati turns this work into a “ba-rock” opera set in the 1980’s, where the struggle between Christians and Turks becomes a battle between pop-rock singers (the Christians) and dark-metal ones (the Turks). 3 CDs. Libretto available online. Carmela Remigio (soprano), Francisco Fernández-Rueda (tenor), Loriana Castellano, Teresa Iervolino (mezzos), Orchestra La Scintilla; Fabio Luisi.


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