JOSEF MYSLIVEČEK (1737-1781): Piano Concertos No. 1 in B Flat and No. 2 in F*, for Solo Piano: 6 Easy Divertimenti, 6 Easy Lessons. * - First Recording.

Catalogue Number: 04U023

Label: BIS

Reference: BIS-2393

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $19.98

Description: These are all the known keyboard wroks by the “Divine Bohemian” - solo pieces meant for the amateur market (the Lessons are presented as three two-movement sonatas) which Mozart, in 1777, found pleasing, and two three-movement concertos from the late 1770s, one of ten and one of 14 minutes which, while not being particulalry virtuosic are aimed at “professional” players. Clare Hammond (piano), Swedish Chamber Orchestra; Nicholas McGegan.


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