GEORGY CATOIRE (1861-1926): Piano Quintet in G Minor, Op. 28, IGNAZ FRIEDMAN (1882-1948): Piano Quintet in C Minor.

Catalogue Number: 04U036

Label: BIS

Reference: BIS-2314

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $19.98

Description: Friedman’s big, 37-minute work of 1918 is notable for its poetic tone and is not a vehicle for keyboard virtuosity. Sweet-toned as well as darkly expressive, the whole thing ends in quiet reminiscence rather than blazing affirmation or giddy optimism. The more moderately-sized Catoire (24 minutes and written in 1914) shows why he has been so hard to grasp by his contemporaries - technically demanding but not flashy, hamonically original and rhythmically inventive but its eruptions of drama always tempered by an atmosphere of contemplation and introspection. Bengt Forsberg (piano), Nils-Erik Sparf, Ulf Forsberg (violins), Ellen Nisbeth (viola), Andreas Brantelid (cello).


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