BERNARDO STORACE (c.1637-after 1664): Complete Harpsichord and Organ Music - 4 Passacagli, 2 Correnti, 2 Toccata e Canzone, 2 Capricci, 2 Passi e Mezzi, Romanesca, Aria sopra la Spagnoletta, Monica, Follia, Partite sopra il cinque Passi, Ciaccona, Balletto, Ballo della Battaglia, Recercar, Recercar di ligature, Pastorale.

Catalogue Number: 04W011

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95455

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: This collection presents a ‘state of the art’ of keyboard music of the time. There are pieces such as passamezzi and ground-bass variations that adhere to a particular tradition and others that are more modern, with deliberate departures from established modes that embrace both a new tonal handling of harmony and echoes of a more antique and modal approach. Among the collection’s most novel features is its final piece, a long Pastorale with the flavor of a hornpipe, and the most ingeniously contrived repeated patterns and variations in texture and mood, all over a D pedal. 2 CDs. Enrico Viccardi (organ of Parish Church of Santa Maria Delle Neve, Gualtieri, harpsichord, spinet).


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