THOMAS DE HARTMANN (1885-1956): Songs - 3 Romances, Op. 5, Take a Wreath of my Verses, 4 Melodies, Op. 17, To the Moon, Op. 18, Cranes from the Cycle Volga, Op. 21, Morning, 3 Bulgarian Songs, Sonnet de Ronsard “Les Amours de Cassandre”, Op. 54, Romance 1830, Op. 55, A Poet’s Love, Op. 59, 6 Commentaries from “Ulysses’ by James Joyce, Op. 71, Pour chanter à la route d’Assise from À la St. Jean d’été, La Tramontane for Vocal Quartet.

Catalogue Number: 04W044

Label: Nimbus

Reference: NI6413

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: From late Romantic salon pieces (1899) Hartmann charted an eclectic course via Scriabin and Impressionism through bitonal modernism, jazz and blues (you’ll hear Shortnin’ Bread in Lumière noire on the piano set) while Moyse, Koussevtizky, Stokowsky, Casals and Tortelier are just stone of the artists who performed his works. His songs include settings of poetry by Shelley, Balmont, Akhmatova, Ronsard and Pushkin. Texts included. Nina Ledjerman, Claron McFadden (soprano), Elan Sicroff (piano).


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