Piano Music by “The Turkish Five”

AHMET ADNAN SAYGUN (1907-1991): Meşeli (Anadolu’dan), Sketch No. I, Op. 58, Prelude No. 4, Op. 45, Sonatina, Op. 15, ULVI CEMAL ERKIN (1906-1972): Little Shepherd, The Brook, Halvah Maker, Game, 5 Drops, Don’t Weep My Beloved, NECIL KAZIM AKSES (1908-1999): Village, Poem, Andante No. 8, FERID ALNAR (1906-1978): On the Slope, Foggy Morning, Moonlight Through the Curtain, Languorous Dance, Zeybek Dance, CEMAL REYŞIT REY (1908-1999): Horon.

Catalogue Number: 04W047

Label: Bridge

Reference: 9549

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: A most attractive recital of piano miniatures by the "Turkish Five" - the composers sent to Western Europe by the Atatürk government to immerse themselves in the western traditions that had long fascinated the Turkish nation to create a polyphonic idiom that blended Turkish traditional music with a concert style that had been admired from afar and encouraged to visit as far back as Giuseppe Donizetti (brother of Gaetano of that ilk), Liszt and Vieuxtemps. These pieces all make use of Turkish modes and scales, and the unusual time signatures of the East, and most are based on or inspired by Anatolian folk songs, dances, lullabies, and dirges. Given the fact that study in France was especially favored in this remarkably successful cultural cross-pollination, the degree to which Impressionistic harmonies and piano textures frame the exuberant dancing rhythms and unmistakable melodic contours of Turkish music should come as no surprise. These enterprising composers engendered a rich tradition which has extended and diversified up to the present day, and is well worth getting to know. Beyza Yazgan (piano).


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