ANGELO GILARDINO (b.1941): Concerto del Sepeitho for 2 Guitars and Orchestra (Conservatorio “D. Cimarosa” Orchestra Avellino; Massimo Testa)), Sonatina for Guitar, Riviera di Chiaia for 2 Guitars.

Catalogue Number: 04W050

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 96171

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Written for the performers here, the Concerto del Sepeitho for two guitars and orchestra was composed in 2013. The river Sepeithos (Sebeto) flowed through ancient Neapolis, and Gilardino was drawn to accounts of the raging current making its way through the city and into the sea at today’s Piazza del Municipio. In 2014 another commission produced Riviera di Chiaia – Passeggio reale, a piece evoking an imagined Naples informed by impressions ranging from Cimarosa to Anna Maria Ortese, Leonardo Leo to Nicola Pugliese. VirtuosoDuo.


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