IANNIS XENAKIS (1922-2001): Troorkh for Trombone and Orchestra, LUCIANO BERIO (1922-2003): SOLO for Trombone and Orchestra, MARK-ANTHONY TURNAGE (b.1960): Yet Another Set To.

Catalogue Number: 05I088

Label: BIS

Reference: CSACD-1638

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Yet Another Set To combines jazz energy with formidable virtuosity and the slow movement, limiting the orchestra to strings, is a surprise; a restrained and muted shadowy nocturne, not so very far removed from the tense and chilly atmosphere of a Shostakovich slow movement. The Berio is in a sense an anti-concerto, with the orchestra - complex and fragmentary - and the solo part - wild and full of innovative techniques - sent their separate ways, crossing paths almost as though coincidentally. The Xenakis sounds like no-one else, as one might expect: the orchestra contributes blocks of sound, between which the trombone interjects virtuosic 'cadenzas', as though wandering around the echoing spaces of an ancient temple, playing a solo piece like a soliloquy. Christian Lindberg (trombone), Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra; Peter Rundel.


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