RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS (1872-1958): Piano Quintet in C Minor, Romance and Pastorale for Violin and Piano, On Wenlock Edge for Tenor, Piano and String Quartet.

Catalogue Number: 05J060

Label: Chandos

Reference: 10465

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The 1903-05 piano quintet (double bass instead of viola, as in Schubert's Trout) is one of the early works which the composer's widow only released for performance and recording in 1999 and this may be only its second recording. In three movements lasting half an hour, it sounds nothing like mature VW, of course, and it doesn't really sound like anyone else in particular either although its big gestures and keyboard writing suggest Brahms as a model. The Romance and Pastorale, however (from sometime before 1914), do sound like Vaughan Williams, suggesting themselves as antecedents to The Lark Ascending and similar pieces. Texts included. Mark Padmore (tenor), Schubert Ensemble.


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