FLORENCIO ASENJO (b.1926): The Odyssey, Resonances - A Symphony for Solo Instruments and Orchestra, A Throw of the Dice.

Catalogue Number: 05J099

Label: Albany

Reference: TROY 1019

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: In these three recent (2006) works, self-described 'maximalist' Asenjo turns his non-repetitive technique, constantly inventive through the successive introduction of contrasting thematic material, to two large-scale structures; one an explicit narrative, the other an implicit one, a five-movement multiple concertante work, really more of a suite of character pieces than a symphony in the formal sense. Each movement employs a different pair of soloists in the concertante role, a particularly effective means of highlighting the evolving character of the music. The seven movements of Odyssey illustrate specific episodes; all are introduced by transcriptions from 15th and 16th century music, whose stylistic variance with Asenjo's own music is a deliberate means of suggesting the separate world of the gods, who observe, intervene and interfere in Homer's original text. As in the symphony, Asenjo's music is cast in a warmly chromatic tonal post-romantic mold, richly and generously orchestrated. Cappella Istropolitana; Kirk Trevor.


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