CARLO ALESSANDRO LANDINI (b.1954): Symphony in B (Budapest Philharmonia; János Erdélyi), Symphony in A (Orchestre Régional de Poitou-Charentes; Renaud Picard-Lalanne), Time on Target (MBS Symphony Orchestra; Jason Tipple), Midrash Temurah for 13 Strings (Milano Classica Chamber Orchestra; Massimiliano Caldi).

Catalogue Number: 05J103

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC 951201

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Landini's orchestral works are born of a wide-ranging modern æsthetic, in which diverse and contrasting elements are brought together in a variety of fascinating ways. While the two symphonies contain some tonal elements, especially the more recent symphony in B, textures are frequently heterophonic and restless. In this symphony and Time on Target one may detect an underlying groundswell of slow tonal minimalism of the Pärt or Kancheli type, over which other, more active material is superimposed in layers. Clusters, dissonant chordal glissandi and pitchless sounds further complicate the music's textures, which nonetheless progress according to clearly perceptible structural principles. Landini's orchestration, while avoiding much use of extended playing techniques, is notably vivid and colorful, constantly changing in glittering textures and endlessly active surface patterning.


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