BERNARD ZWEERS (1854-1924): Symphony No. 3 "To My Fatherland".

Catalogue Number: 05L002

Label: Sterling

Reference: CDS-1088-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This massive, 63-minute symphony's first three movements were written in 1886 and its 20-minute finale four years later. A single theme, ingeniously varied, provides all the material in the work (usually it takes a while in each movement before you recognize it). The four movements are titled "In the Dutch Forests", "In the Country", "On the Beach and at Sea" and "To the Capital" and there is some very attractive sea-music in the third, a rhythmic juggernaut in the second movement scherzo and some rather Brucknerian striding/striving at the beginning of the finale although Zweers was a confirmed Wagnerian and that is the influence you're most likely to notice. This 1977 Dutch Radio recording (released on Olympia in 1991) is stunning in its dynamic range and stereo spread, shaming the 99% of radio recordings these days which are so shallow, boxy and vanilla that you yawn just thinking of them. Residentie Orchestra The Hague; Hans Vonk.


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