P.E. LANGE-MÜLLER (1850-1926): Shine Out, O Brightest Sunshine, Op. 18/4, The Sky Gleams a Faint Red, Op. 19/1, Late in the Evening, Op. 34/3, Little Red Rowanberry, Op. 18/3, In Autumn, Op. 31/2, The Bells of Würzburg, Op. 34/6, Water-lily, Op. 4/2, 3 Songs by the Sea, Op. 54, The Neighbor's First Song, C.E.F. WEYSE (1774-1842): Sweetest Infant, Signelil, 5 songs from the Singspiels A Fairy-tale in Rosenborg Gardens, The Sleeping Draught and Ludlam's Cave and from the plays Axel and Valborg and Midsummer Night's Game, PETER HEISE (1830-1879): Dangerous Dreams, Spring Song in Autumn, To a Lady-friend, When Dreaming Swan, The Lovely Lady Beatriz, Forest Solitude.

Catalogue Number: 05L066

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 8.226141

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Love songs by three masters of Danish Romanticism, expressing a world of yearning and joy and adding to the very slight discography of Romantic Scandinavian song. Danish-English texts. Mathias Hedegaard (tenor), Tove Lønskov (piano).


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