LUDWIG THUILLE (1861-1907): Piano Quintets in E Flat, Op. 20 and in G Minor (Falk Quartet, Tomer Lev [piano]. Original 2004 ASV release), Sextet for Piano and Winds in B Flat, Trio for Violin, Viola and Piano in E Flat (London Conchord Ensemble).

Catalogue Number: 05L070

Label: Champs Hill

Reference: CHRCD 001 & 002

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: One disc here is a reissue of a no longer available ASV title; the original provenance of the other, recorded in 2003, is unknown. It contains a work not otherwise available on CD - the piano trio with viola instead of cello. The notes unhelpfully give no date but, since it's without an opus number, it's probably an early work and its 38-minute length leads to that conclusion as well. Still, any true lover of German Romanticism will want to have it and this et is mid-price. 2 CDs.


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