LORENZO PEROSI (1872-1956): Vespertina Oratio for Soprano, Chorus and Orchestra, Natalitia for Tenor, Chorus and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 05L075

Label: Bongiovanni

Reference: GB 2432-2

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

Description: The Oratio is vintage Perosi from 1912. Inspired by a sunset on a train journey, he wrote this 54-minute oratorio in less than two months although it was not performed until 1928. Sweet, simple, predominantly slow of tempo, contemplative, serene, slightly melancholic, it rouses itself at almost the exact center with a powerful rhythmic motif which goes fugal before relapsing into the predominant mood. The similar, 21-minute Natalitia was written at the bidding of the Pope and was sung by Gigli himself on Christmas Day of 1937 for a broadcast over Vatican Radio. Latin-English texts. Emilia Bertoncello (soprano), Angelo Scardina (tenor), Coro I Polifonici di Genova, Orchestra Sinfonica Nuova Cameristica di Milano; Arturo Sacchetti.


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